From a Princess to a Young Lady

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My grandfather, whom I held dearest, would often read me fairy tales about princesses, dragons, and handsome knights. While I pretended to live in this imaginary and distant land, my grandfather would describe how I was his little princess and being a “trouble-maker”, and “rebel” did not matter. I was able to get away with many things; he would never get after me after I broke an expensive piece of art, or when I would not listen to what my mother said. He was my reason for living. My grandfather was a robust and stout man, who always wore a sombrero for any occasion. During his childhood and culture, it was always customary for him to wear a sombrero before exiting the house. My grandfather had the darkest green eyes, which would scare a person when they would stare at him. He also had thick, wavy, gray hair and a mustache that distinguished him as either a general or someone of great importance. Although I recall my grandfather’s facial and physical features well, I sometimes evoke other distressing memories, such as the night he passed away from emphysema. After his death, I learned to be more responsible, appreciate my mother, be a hard worker and tolerate a challenge. It was a Monday morning when my family received a phone call from my grandmother saying my grandfather was not feeling well. As soon as we heard the news, we rushed to Mexico, but there was a protest in the International Bridge, which caused us to be late. As soon as we arrived, his time was tragically running out. My mother was lamenting because my grandfather died in her arms. After his death, I became weaker as an individual, and I started blaming God for his death. I would often say, “Why God? Why did you take him away?” I would frequently ... ... middle of paper ... ...e to tolerate any challenge no matter how difficult it might seem. For instance, I remember when I went with grandfather to his ranch and we had to clean the stables. It was a miserable rainy day and trying to get the job done seemed difficult. It was full of mud, and even though I fell many times, he helped me get up and try again. We did not surrender until the job was completed. No longer was a spoiled girl, but rather a diligent young woman. As I reflect back through this tragic experience, I accept my grandfather passing away, but that does not mean I would ever forget his facial or physical attributes or the way he read fairy tales. In fact, I believe this impact made me a more fervent and assiduous person. It gave me the opportunity to try harder and endure a challenge, become a responsible young lady, and appreciate my mother and all she has done for me.
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