From a Notion-Adulthood- to a Bombshell

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Adulthood is a period of time in the life that follows the adolescence. Actually, the age at which a person is considered an “adult” varies significantly according to the reference based on; there are countless deviations from this benchmark. Being genuine, deliberate and thoughtful is actually being an adult. Law-makers, philosophers and biologists, for instance, differ in identifying the age at which adolescence ceases and adulthood begins. Disregarding all of them, people should be considered adults by the age of 21.
First of all, the degree of maturity depends directly on the way one interacts and deals with others. A “mature” person is realistic and has high attitudes and appropriate behaviors towards the others. Usually, people at the age of 18 aren’t mature enough to take responsibility or to deal properly with their society as people at the age of 21 do. For instance, taking an 18 year-old friend and a 21 year-old one, one can notice the huge differences both share. The first one always tries to get himself younger through his teen behaviors. For example, he f...

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