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Panic, insecurities, living under a never ending fear. Theres a reservoir of feelings that can be named when one thinks of social anxiety, but those three are the main ones. The world is changing, it isnt the simplistic, unjudgemental world it once was. Now it has successfully crumble down and been reconstructed around hate, and complete sophomoric ideas of judgement. A childs innocences has been diprived from them in the “oh so marvelous” now. They can’t live a carefree life, do to the many inequalities, the racism, judgement, and the complete bias that has overcome the world. The things stated are all massively contributing to social anxiety, or have affected someone with social anxiety in a major scale. A child, or anyone actually, living with social anxiety would have to cocoon themselves even more, due to the many discriminating things they are said to. Freak, anti-social, or just plain shy; many labels that are tossed around like a whore, when in reality the person which these things are said to has social anxiety. Those words can make one go from S.A.D (social anxiety disorder...
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