From Impressionism to Futurism: A Global Perspective

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Starting in 1872, Jules Tavernier (1844-1889) and his school mate Paul Frenzeny (1840-1902) would take a transcontinental trip. During this trip, the two men would illustrate the landscape that had not been seen by the railroads yet. Traveling through Kansas, Wyoming and Colorado, they had illustrated natives, emigrants, and laborers, while representing the majesty of the nation with grace. Finally they had arrived, with gusto of reception by the large number of artists in San Francisco. Few months passed, and again they were on the road to Monterey, arriving for the first time in 1874, and again in 1875. Finally, in 1876, Tavernier made his home permanently in the peninsula. For the next three years, his work would reflect the Peninsula and he would entertain admirers and students at his studio on Alvarado Street. His 1877 piece, Point lobos, Monterey featured a chasm which plays host to skeletal fragments of ships and animals on the bottom and foreground set in neutral tones; the seagulls in the composition are mildly off-center. The power of the wave crashing in the background is...

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