From Farming to "The Man in Black"

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This paper goes deep into Johnny Cash’s life; finding out who he was and where he went with his life. Johnny Cash has been very successful with his singing career. Starting at age 4 by singing with his family on the front porch to being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1965 and also winning a number of awards. Johnny Cash came from a long line of musicians and singers, whether they were professional or not. Cash’s main source of encouragement and inspiration is his mother, Carrie Cash. Cash didn’t have a perfect life, but with help he overcame the struggles he had. Johnny Cash’s life upshot was phenomenal. “A person knows when it just seems to feel right to them. Listen to your heart”: Words spoken by the man in black that influenced American music culture forever. Johnny Cash is a purebred country boy that grew up in the deep farmland of Arkansas. Achieving 11 Grammy awards and making the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Rock Hall of Fame, and the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame; Johnny Cash was extremely successful in his music career. (3) March 1955 was the beginning of new compositions that has affected many lives to this day. Back a few years in 1950 Johnny Cash entered into the Air Force singing his way through everything. Cash first went to Texas for basic training where he met his soon to be first wife. Then he got shipped to Germany for the next couple of years. Coming back from Germany in 1954, he married and got a job in Tennessee as a salesman. He soon discovered there was talent in the garage where his brother Roy worked. The talent was Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant. The two were amateur guitarists playing for small benefits here and there. But soon after Cash saw them, the three became Johnny Ca... ... middle of paper ... ... Works Cited 1. Miller, B. (2009). John R. Cash Biography. In The Official Johnny Cash Website. Retrieved January 28, 2011, from 2. Johnny Cash. (2009). In Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Retrieved February 8, 2011, from 3. Johnny Cash. (2006). In Academy of Achievement . Retrieved February 9, 2011, from 5. C. Moritz (Ed.), (1969). Johnny Cash. In Current Biography Yearbook (1969th ed., pp. 72-74). 6. Peneny, D. (1998, March). Johnny Cash. In The History of Rock and Roll. Retrieved March 2, 2011, from 7. Cash, J., & Carr, P. (2003). Johnny Cash the Autobiography. New York, NY: HarperCollins. Retrieved February 24, 2011 8. Miller, S. (2003). Johnny Cash: the life of an American icon. New York, NY: Omnibus Press. Retrieved February 24, 2011
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