From Drab to Fab

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Although fashion wasn't a major crisis at the beginning in American history it evolved into a major topic, portraying women in different ways in the time period they lived in. From long dresses and corsets to leggings and big Tees, the worlds influences has shaped woman's fashion into what they have become today...independent. When Vogue launched in New York in 1892, the topics such as fashion, Art, Decor, House and Drama was a very little section of the magazine. The industry wasn't widely appreciated yet, it was in its infancy. In the early 1900s "Haute Couture" was on the rise. Women of the upper class would wear clothes such as persian designs, which also set the tone for the rest of the western fashion world. It was the major fashion in magazines like vogue it was used to inform people about horse races and what was going on in their small world. What was mainly worn was corsets and full skirts which enhanced unnatural curves, and hats which set off the whole look. However, WW1 was soon to begin in 1914, and the attention of fashion was diminishing, and was focused upon resources and necesites. When WW1 ended women were used to their independence and freedom, the clothes became more masculine and loose fitting. Corsets were known as a “thing from the past”. "CoCo Chanel" became one of the largest fashion icons during this age. The well known image of the flapper girl didn’t really emerge until about 1926.This style was recognizing reckless rebellion and modernity. Flappers would have daringly short hair, cigarette holders in the hand, short shift dresses that would expose legs and arms, and smokey makeup was applied to the face. Drinking in public occurred and since the dresses were so simple to produce, masses of people wer... ... middle of paper ... ...ority but as time went on people began to care more about how they looked. Shmoop Editorial Team. "History of American Fashion Timeline of Important Dates." Shmoop University, Inc., 11 Nov. 2008. Web. 21 May 2014. . During the 1600's closets did not exist, meaning fashion wasn't a major industry at the time. Near the 2000's fashion was one of the main priorities making women the model that they are today. "Fashion Timeline." Fashion Timeline. Web. 21 May 2014. . The inventions of the spinning Jenny and other inventions made huge influences in fashion. Making statements, and making fashion easier to access than ever before. "The Evolution of Fashion." Evolution of Fashion. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 May 2014.
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