From $100,00 a Year to Unemployed, by Wayne Drash

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Unemployment is the worse fate known to men and women. Having a job cannot

be taken for granted and having a good pay does not mean a person is going to have a secure future. Unemployment is especially on the rise and having a job and keeping it is becoming increasingly difficult for people. ”From 100,000 a year to unemployed” is an article written in CNN by Wayne Drash and it talks about a person named Eric Bell from Phoenix, Arizona. Eric had a secure job and had been working for the last ten years and was on his way to “middle management” when the crisis struck and he lost his job. Eric had seen both good times and bad and when the times were good he was making a comfortable six figure salary and soon all that changed for him and he found himself at a crossroads when he became unemployed filing unemployment checks which amounted to $216 per week a far cry from the six figure salary he used to make earlier. Although some argue that unemployment is result of laziness, it is actually rooted in the fluctuations of a market economy governed by the law of supply and demand . This article shows the ups and downs in Eric Bell’s life and how he still kept a positive attitude towards life without blaming anyone for his unemployment situation .

Eric Bell had been doing really well in his job so far and was making upwards of $100,00 and was on his way to the top . He had been working for ten years now and was slowly making his way to the top. The good times did not last for long when his company got taken over by another company. He lost his job and was looking for another job soon enough. He did not think it was a big deal for him to get a job immediately since he was an MBA graduate. Alas, that confidence soon came crumbling down and reality soon hit home when even after seven months of intense job search, he still did not have any job offers. He was a forty one year old father to a five year old son, jobless getting unemployment benefits of $216 every week and that seemed to be his source of income for a while. This seemed a far cry from someone who was making $ 100,00 per year just a few months ago.
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