- Frisk The Policing Of Latinos In New York, By Andres Farcia Summary

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In the reading “Stop-and-Frisk The Policing of Latinos in New York” by Andres Garcia, he writes about how Latinos/as are major targets for police. He mentions the interview with the police officers, a member of Operation impact, which is the procedure that aims high crime areas and hot spots. In the text he mentions, “His patrolling consisted mostly of what the NYPD calls the Roosevelt Corridor, which at the time consisted mostly of the impact zone in the multi-ethnic, heavily Latino Queens neighborhood of Jackson Heights” (Garcia 37) meaning, police officers were sent to the places were higher crime rates would happen. The procedure was created for police officers to be able to gather information but also target different suspects, such…show more content…
Alvin was physically and verbally abused by the police officer. When Alvin asked the police officer why they stopped him, police officers replied that they stopped him because he looked suspicious with his hoodie on and they asked him why he was walking outside with his empty bag, Alvin tried to explain that he was wearing hoodie because it was cold outside and he was going at home, but police officer did not listen to Alvin, they physically and verbally harassed Alvin. According to the information it shows that, police officers are using their powers on people, this proves that most of the police officers are violating the law, especially when it comes to the person with no gun and no reason to stop them. Like the story of 48 years old man Dan Richardson, who lives in Brownsville, Brooklyn, he was stopped by police officers, because he walked out rom the store with cop of water and police officers thought that he had Alcohol in his cup, one of the officers sniff the cup to check if it was a real water. This type of stories happens a lot of time; this is another type of prof that police violate the people’s right. Many people said that they are scared of going outside, because police is always up there to stop and frisked them; people became indigent…show more content…
City of New York: The difficulty of proving fourteenth amendment violation” by David Clark, he writes about how the stop and frisk violated the fourth and fourteenth amendment by providing statistics. In this reading he mentions, “Although, these Fourth Amendment holdings are important, the most controversial holdings relate to the discriminatory intent behind the policy and the Fourteenth Amendment violation by the New York Police Department (N.Y.P.D.) in the way they carried out their stop and frisk program.” (Clark 342) which is true, because according to the fourth amendment no person should be searched or seized without warrant, unless it’s an reasonable suspicions and under the fourteenth amendment which protects individuals life, property and liberty which should not be violated by any governmental officials. However during stop and frisk police officers not just violating a person fourth amendment, but they also discriminating and abusing the humans rights. No person should receive a physical and verbal abuse, first and foremost it’s not just a discrimination, but also emotional and mental breakdown of the individual who is stopped and frisk even if the person is innocent. Clark also mentions “police departments can and should be better incentivized to follow protections offered by the Constitution with a Fourteenth Amendment exclusionary rule for unlawful, racially selective stops.” (Clark 343) meaning that
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