Friendship To Relationships

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Friendships to Relationships:
Unmasking the Obscure Workings of Teenage Relationships

Written by: Jourdan M. Shields
Spring 2014 Semester
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Psychology of Adolescence
Dr. Maureen Allwood

An interview was completed of a 13 year old, male adolescent about the topic of the development of romantic relationships during adolescence. Since he has grown up in the same small town from a young age, the rationale for studying this topic is in learning about how he views these changes in ‘types of relationships’ among not only his peers, but himself as well. For example, girls that he would play at the park with during childhood, they now want to go watch a movie by themselves. This is important because adolescents have an unstable and underdeveloped understanding of what relationships really are and how they develop. These early relationships, especially in early adolescence are typically undermined by the experienced elders in the adolescent's life, and the emotions involved are typically disregarded which could potentially lead to confusion about feelings, emotions, and how others view them; which in turn could eventually have a huge impact on the adolescents self-esteem later on in life. It is common for adults to disregard these adolescent relationships as “serious”. However, even though these relationships may not be considered serious relationships in the eyes of an adult or even an older adolescent, these steps are essential to the development of relationships and the person’s self-esteem later on in life. If an adult shows little sympathy or tells the adolescent to “brush it off” or “there are more fish in the sea”, the child may have a lack of underst...

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...escent, is just a blink of an eye for adult. It was made clear that these adolescents still have a lot of growing up to do.

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