Friendship: The Consequences Of Friendship Transcends Generations

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Friendship transcends generations

“A special friend is hard to find, hard to lose and impossible to forget”. A healthy

friendship does not require one to sacrifice one’s dreams or dignity. In this thesis paper,

readers will get to know that how friendship and betrayal are related to each other and

how does friendship pass through all obstacles in life and endures for generations.

Friendship is a sense of mutual trust and support between two or more people.

However betrayal is an act of disloyalty or breaking of trust in any relationship. The

good thing about friendship is that it lasts for generations and the bitter truth about

betrayal is that it comes from the person one trusts the most. In this era of selfishness

and tough competition
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After a course of time, they start doing things together and

spend more time with each other. Gradually they start sharing a bond of common

understanding and care towards each other and this finally leads to their becoming best

friends. Friendship is passed on from one generation to the other i.e. bond between two

fathers or two mothers is passed on to their children. There also exists a friendship

between a person who is twenty years old and a person who is seventy years old, these

types of friends are usually called age gap friends. Friendship has no age barriers.

Friendship should be judged on maturity and not on the age difference. It multiplies the

good things of life and divides all the evil.

In The kite runner by Khaled Hossieni, friendship endures all boundaries of time. The tie

of love, attachment and respect has been bought together to show how relationships are

passed on from Baba and Ali to Amir and Hassan and finally to Sohrab. Although Khaled

Hossieni hasn’t introduced the friendship of Baba and Ali in great detail but the readers

get to know that there was a great bond between them because of which Amir and

Hassan also became best
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Amir doesn’t approve of Hassan’s behavior, Amir

places Afghani bills and his gold watch under Hassan’s mattress. Hassan agreed that he

stole the money thereby rescuing Amir once again from Baba. This shows that no matter

what the situation was, Hassan was always there for Amir.

Friends bond quickly. Doing things together, having same thoughts , moral values leads

to having better companionship. True friends are like a second family, they can be

depended upon at times of illness and other problems. Relations like friendship build

upon trust and loyalty. Even after betrayal, one can feel better if one pay’s attention to

the good memories and time spent together with the friend. Donald W. Larson believes

that long time friendships never end. They are not dependent on materialistic gains but

often depend on affection and never ending trust. It is correctly said by Donald W.

Larson, “old true friendships never die and they never fade away”. Relations that are

made when friendship endures generations are the most strong and beautiful ones.

Throughout the course of the novel, there are many instances of friendship and betrayal

but actual healing of amir's guilt is when Amir’s priority is to take care of Hassan’s

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