Friendship Relationship Between Jim And Antonia's Friendship

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Friendship means ‘a relationship in which two people expressed outward emotions of liking each other in a friendly manner; typically, the friends provide something for each other.’ This statement accurately depicts Jim and Antonia’s relationship towards each other. Though one can care more for one person than the other, in a loving type of way, unless both do not show that, it is considered a friendship. Jim did care for Antonia more, but because Antonia never expressed love, their relationship never went further. Throughout their lives together the reader can gather that Jim had more feelings for Antonia than Antonia did for Jim. The fact that in the introduction we learn that Jim recently married, after he lived with Antonia as a child, after…show more content…
Sitting in his room at night, writing about her, must have taken a major part of his day out, but he believed it was worthy enough of his busy life as a lawyer. In Antonia’s life, Jim was just her best friend, which she had no other feelings about. She was oblivious to Jim’s interests in her. IF the two of them confronted each other and expressed their feelings either they would have stayed friends after, or Antonia would have lived her life with Jim. Jim would have liked the second one, and Antonia would have, most likely, preferred to stay friends. Though WIlla Cather does not allow for Antonia to tell the reader her feelings on the inside, it is concluded that Antonia did not express the same feelings for Jim. If she did, she might have wrote letters to Jim, or visited him. Because of their different opinions on their friendship, Jim and Antonia’s relationship stayed as a…show more content…
In Antonia’s situation, Jim did not mean much other than friend, teacher, and security. In Antonia’s case, Jim’s definition was ‘friend’. Jim was her first friend in America. Both were coming from an outside area, so they had similarities. Antonia was also four years older than Jim. Still to this day, it is looked down upon if you marry a younger man, so Antonia never really had the thought of Jim as a boyfriend. For Antonia, Jim was also a teacher. When JIm and her family met for the first time at their house, it was clear that Antonia would be the most likely to succeed in English. Her mother asked Jim to teach her daughter English on that first day. Form that day on, Jim ws Antonia’s teacher. Lastly, Jim’s family cared about the Shimerda’s. As practicing Catholics and good people, the Burden’s provided the Shimerda’s with knowledge how to survive in the land. WIthout the Burdens, the Shimerda’s most likely would have died in their cave. When Mr. Shimerda committed suicide, the Burden’s hired Antonia; this allowed for Antonia to receive food and for the Shimerda’s to receive income. In Antonia’s mind, she was grateful to have a friend like Jim Burden, but it was very different for

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