Friendship Essay: The Importance Of Friendship

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The Importance of Friendships

Friendship can be define as a voluntary, close, mutual and dyadic relationship. A friend is a person with whom we share a deeper level of interaction and communication. When we say deeper it does not mean that necessarily we need to be in contact with our friends very frequently. We can still have a valuable friendship and not be in touch with it for a long time. A real friend is a person that even we do not see him very frequently, we still manage to catch up with each other from time to time, and talk as if time has not pass by. Distance is not important for a real friendship. Conversely, acquaintances can be people that even if you see them every day, like your coworkers, you talk to them in very superficial …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that friendship is a voluntary, close, mutual and dyadic relationship. a real friend is someone who manages to catch up with each other from time to time.
  • Explains the difference between the level of support from acquaintances and real friends. a friend is a person that is mutually connected to us, empathetic, and can offer support that we cannot find in others.
  • Explains that friendship plays a role and change over development. in younger ages people make friendships based on similarities in observable characteristics like age, race/ethnicity, and appearance.
  • Narrates how they became friends with jefferson when they were 10 years old. jefferson's father lived out of cuba, and used to send jefferson books about rome and greece.
  • Compares their friendship with mercedes with jefferson's relationship with jazz and classical music. mercedes has a closed relationship, but jefferson is from the opposite sex.
  • Explains that friendship is important for a child's healthy development, as they learn how to express and manage their emotions. peers also play an important role in setting the norms and appropriate responses to them.
  • Describes how they met federica when they were 28 years old and shared the same passion for music. their relationship is very different from mercedes'.

In younger ages people make friendships based on similarities in observable characteristics. Observable characteristics can be define as age, race/ethnicity, and appearance. Little kids tend to avoid physical contact with members of the opposite sex (“Cooties”). Moreover, little kids show different stereotypes. For example, girls love princess and boys love guns. As people get older they tend to make friends based on values’ similarities such as, academic aspirations, play activities, hobbies/interests, ideologies, politics, religion, risk behavior engagement, etc. For example, in college people tend to become friend with others that also like …show more content…

For example, friendship is very important for a child healthy development. Through relationships with friends, kids learn how to express and how to manage and organize their emotions. They learn how to compare themselves with others. They also can discover what others value about them. If kids do not laugh, have fun, and get excited, they do not learn how to calm down themselves. They do not learn how to control their emotions. Peers also play an important role in setting the norms and the appropriate responses to them. In middle childhood, kids learn how to learn behavioral norms and impression management through friendship. They also learn rules of social behaviors. In contrast, during adolescence people tend to find who they are through their friendships. They can explore their identity by making social comparisons and reflected appraisal. Moreover, they learn how to integrate logic and emotion. They can also discover if they are good persons, and how others think about them. Friendship is very important for the development of high

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