Friendship: A Powerful Weapon Against Bullying

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A world without oppression would be a world of abundant happiness. However, individuals have a certain way of asserting their aggressive need for authority upon others. In doing this, they are also preventing the joys of others, as well as the cheerfulness of the world. This act of oppression is considered bullying; bullying is any way of causing someone to view themself as less than what they are, or what they could be. Surely, any human being will put their personal needs as a priority to those of others’, but it is immoral to knowingly cause another person to condescend upon themselves or their peers. Anyone has the potential to be subjected to bullying. They may just as easily become a bully for that matter, though the most prominent ages of bullies are those still in grade school. This is the result of the immaturity of children added to the freedom of interaction they are given. It is very difficult to obtain a quality education that we will inevitably need if there are obstacles such as harassment and inequality in the way. In the article, An End to Bullying, the author says, “Bullying is, at its core, a human rights violation. It is the abuse of the powerless at the hands of the powerful, and it is a threat against the right to receive an education free from persecution” (Kennedy). Bullying is a disastrous habit to acquire, and we need our younger generation of children to understand its harm, and eliminate it.
Knowing that the obvious torment of another’s physical or emotional state is wrong, we must ask ourselves, why do people oppress others so harshly? Usually, teenagers are fighting low self-esteem issues while bullies have an overflowing storage of pent up anger from their own problems they face. Bullies...

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