Friends Forever

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Friends Forever My way of life has never been what anyone would call normal. It’s only second nature to hear the words “peculiar” or “weird” when describing my family and friends. The funny thing is, it really doesn’t bother me. If everyone were the same or what the world refers to as normal, life would be pretty boring. There are several contributing factors as to why I am the way that I am, but more recently, I can say that a group of friends that I became close to during my senior year of high school had a big impact on the person I am today. I know that I wouldn’t have even been associated with these friends if it were not for my upbringing. I had a wonderful home life, with parents that still loved each other deep down, even when my mother would claim to have nothing to do with my father. He never did anything bad, he was just different. I don’t think every person can say that their dad would howl at the moon just because it was full or make up his own kind of language that only his family could truly enjoy. Meanwhile, others sit in total confusion. My two older brothers were always brainstorming new ideas and grew to have a reputation for their creativity. We used to spend many summer afternoons making new music videos or playing games with our own rules. Friends loved coming over, either to get free dessert from my mom, who is a professional baker, or just to witness the hilarity of my dad’s presence. Most of all, we would always laugh. It’s so hard to stay mad at anyone if they make you laugh, and we all knew that. From growing up in this kind of atmosphere, it helped me to easily relate to those who were from families that were anywhere similar to mine. Another big part of my life tha... ... middle of paper ... ...king back, I can say how thankful I am to those friends and what they have taught me. We did some pretty crazy things all the while maintaining the standards we had all been raised with all of our lives. It actually is possible to have fun without using drugs or alcohol. This has been a concept that has been hard to try to explain to people. It’s nice to know that the only thing you’ll have the next morning is the memory of a wonderful, guilt-free night. It’s an old saying that your real friends are the ones you can be yourself around and they still love you no matter what. Based on experience, I believe that to be true, after looking at all the people that I have been associated with through the years. Twenty years from now, I’m not going to remember all the people that I went to school with, but I will never forget these guys. They will be my best friends forever.

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