Friends Are True Friends

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Ever have seen the type of “friends” that someone thought would always be there for them but needed up only being their friend for their sake? Aristotle illustrates “those who wish well to their friends for their sake are most truly friends” (23). I believe this quote that Aristotle has explained can compare too many friendships today. He is truly right and if everyone looked at their “friends” to see how many actual friends they have, I strongly believe there won’t be many friendships that last. There is a lot of work put into good relationships; if friends work together and go through life obstacles friends are most likely remaining together for a lifetime. Only true friends will last your whole life while others lasted maybe a couple months. In life, the word “friendship” may even be confusing if someone is not really sure about loyalty, honesty, and support. Many times we can get blindsided by all the good things that come along with friends but maybe we are not always looking at the whole picture. Ideally if someone has to simply ask a friend to support them and give them genuinely care they most likely are not true friends. The definition of friendship itself means “the emotions or conduct of…show more content…
Today friends take a lot for granite and don’t appreciate the trueness that comes out of only certain relationships. Once in a while you receive a honest, supportive and a loyal friend who would do nothing but be there for you even when you do not want them too. I believe that when someone has a friend who would go out of their own way for them and that tries to help you become a better person should remain in your life. People sometimes look past the greatness of the friends who do everything for the friends who take everything. By take everything I mean use them, take them for granite, get things from them and don’t give back, and don’t appreciate
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