Friday Night Lights

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Football is arguably the best team sport there is. You rely on your teammates every play and they rely right back on you. This is why, many times, teammates become almost like brothers throughout the progression of the season. This is what happened to me my sophomore season of football, we became a family. My sophomore season started with the possibility of me starting on defense as an outside linebacker. It was basically just talk between my brother and myself. He told me he overheard the coaches talking about me being a prospect for the job. The thought of me being able to start on defense right beside my brother, Alex, was amazing. I worked as hard as possible to get myself in shape for a better shot at getting the job. I was lifting and running ever morning so I could keep up with the guys at our football camp that year in SDSU. I knew camp in SDSU would be my time to show the coaches that I was ready to start. When the time came for SDSU camp I was extremely excited. I was not quite the starting spot yet because they were splitting my playing time evenly with Ryan McCabe. When we started scrimmaging other teams people were surprised I could keep up with them because I was just a little sophomore. The scrimmages must have showed something promising out of me because when we got into the camps tournament I did most of the playing. I was no longer splitting time evenly with Ryan McCabe. From that moment on there was no way I would be giving up that starting position. Now that I had the starting spot did not mean I slowed down trying to get better. The day after camp I started right back up with the weight room and running. I did that all summer until Captains practice. At captains practice was where I knew I was finally accep... ... middle of paper ... ...’t go to school or even practice. I was so sad because I knew I wouldn’t be able to play in the game that following day. It was game day. I was feeling the worse I have ever felt. I got to the bus to ride up with my team, but I was turned away so no one else got what my sickness was. That was hard to stand. I was so sick that when I actually arrived in the dome and watched our game I don’t remember any of it. I seriously was so out of it I had to go home and rewatch the game to remember any of it. We lost 50-27. I remember having dreams the next few weeks where we won that game and I was playing right along side my brother for the last time. Although the ending of this essay implies that it may be a sad, depressing essay. It wasn’t at all. This essay is a very happy one describing my favorite season of football playing with my brother for the first and last time.
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