Friday Night Dangers

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Football has been America's sport for decades, every year we gather to enjoy one of the greatest sporting spectacles that is football, while it promotes fitness and team building, what are the risks? Playing football at any age teaches teamwork and cooperation, and like any other sport it is a great way to get excerscise and stay healthy, but at the same time can cause great bodily harm, and some fatalities. It has become controversial whether America's sport should be played, with teens as well as adults getting concussions each year, the true safety of the sport has come into question. For years precautionary measures have been taken but do they work? Injuries are present in high schoo football as well as professional, with football players taking over 1000 hits to the head each year. Each year in both high school and the NFL players are injured, mainly concussions, with the sport having the players at a 75% risk of concussion each season. A concussion comes from a serious blow to the head, resulting in bruising to the brain, loss of consiousness, and sometim...
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