Friar Lawerence in William Shakespeare´s Romeo and Juliet

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Although Romeo and Juliet made many mistakes throughout the play that led up to their deaths, there were a lot of other factors and people that almost encouraged them to kill themselves. One of these factors was Friar Lawrence. He played a large part in the terribly tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Friar Lawrence both guided the couple of the forbidden fruit through tragedy and happiness, all the while slowly pushing them towards the edge with hints of encouragement and advice.
The Friar tries to help Romeo and Juliet make their dream a reality, even though he is doing just the opposite. In the scene where Romeo comes to the Friar and begs him to marry him and Juliet, the Friar considers a few things. He considers that the relationship between the son and daughter of feuding patriarchs might make the fighting worse. It might make the fathers terribly angry and ban either from seeing their mate. He also considers that maybe Romeo and Juliet have gone too fast. Maybe they should actually get to know each other before getting married. The Friar then thinks of how the marriage might ...

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