Fresh And Healthy Food Essay

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Introduction: As we have believed, there are many socioeconomic factors that play important roles on people’s accessibility to purchase fresh and healthy foods. The concept of “access” have broken down into three different categories, ability, asset, and attitude (Shaw, 2006). Shaw (2006) has defined ability as “physically prevents access to food which a consumer otherwise has the financial resources to purchase and the mental desire to buy” (p. 242). It means that people have money and want to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, however, there is not any place to do the purchasings. Lack of ability to fresh and healthy foods is one of socioeconomic factors we have considered in this research, which also as defined as people could not access fresh and healthy foods within the parameters of 2 miles for urban residents and up to 10 miles for rural residents (Walsh, 2011). It is important for researchers to understand the relationships between ability to healthy foods and the levels of food deserts and fast food density, because the levels of ability to fresh, and healthy foods will affect people’s…show more content…
For example, Coveney and O’Dwyer (2009) have stated that walking was not safe, especially when there were no pedestrian crossings. Public transportations can carry people to supermarkets, however, it is difficult to carry shopping bags on and off the public transportations, especially during the rush hours. It is a good idea to arrange transportations with friends, neighbors and/or family members. However, taking the same car with other friends and neighborhoods also caused some issues, because there is lack of self-reliance and independence when transporting with friends. Therefore, shopping behaviors will deeply influence by personal/family cars, especially for those who have carried their children to shopping centers (Coveney & O’Dwyer,

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