French Revolution

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Event #1: The American Revolutionaries received to funding from the French Monarch Which was a very expensive war, in end result was appear to have major impact on the French Monarchs Finances. To recover from expensive venture of sponsoring the Americans The Monarch decided to Tax the Aristocrats heavily. The one group of people that the Monarch tends to look directly for support, traditionally provide as his company. By implementing taxation up on the Aristocrats, created uproar, which lead to the Aristocrats rebellion, then following a series of Rebellions, in result the fall of the monarch and establishing a new order. When it comes to finances is can make or break a country, changes a multitude of men’s perspective. The Monarch could have gone several different routes to benefit him and avoided a The French Revolution. If the Monarch would have never partaken in aiding the Americans then he would never had to exhaust the option of taxing the Aristocrats Let say the Monarch still felt so compelled to still aid those that opposed the British Empire. By first bringing it to a c...

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