French And Indian War Essay

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The French and Indian war was a 7 year war. The war lasted from 1756 to 1763 it formed a chapter in the imperial struggle between Britain and France called the Second Hundred Years War. The French and Indian War resulted an ongoing tensions in North America and both French and British imperial officials and colonists wanted to extend each country’s province of influence in frontier regions. In 1753 the outbreak of hostilities Great Britain controlled 13 colonies in the Appalachian Mountains. The Anglo American colonists and the Iroquois Confederacy controlled most of upstate New York and parts of northern Pennsylvania. The border between French and British goods was not defined and one territory was the upper Ohio River valley. The French had constructed many forts in that region to strengthen their claim on territory. The war didn’t go good for the British. The British Government had General Edward Braddock go to the colonies for commander in chief of British North American forces. He disaffected Indian allies and colonial leaders which failed to cooperate with him.
There were many important that were involved in the French and Indian war. Some of the people from the British were Earl of Loundoun who appointed commander-in-chief of British forces in 1756. Major General Edward Braddock was the first general to be there from Britain. He was killed in 1755 in the first battle of Fort Duquesne. William Johnson began his career as an Indian agent as a colony agent in New York. George Washington was also an important person during the French and Indian War. He first started his career as a brash and careless diplomat and military leader and this is when he learned how to be a leader.
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...le of Quebec started in June 1759 and kept going for three months. The boats climbed the St. Lawrence perfectly and held out against huge French strikes of flame and gun. Notwithstanding the sentimental coating that hangs over the Quebec fight it was a hysterical battle that as often as possible got severe. Wolfe in the same way as Montcalm was not hardy to threatening the citizen population and one of his first requests to scouting gatherings was to "smolder and destroy the nation."
The war that went on for seven years ended with the signing of the treaties of Hubertusburg and Paris in February 1763.. The War and the treaty of Paris was the Announcement of 1763 was one of the first documents issued to govern the colonies. The war was very long and sad. Many people lost their lives. The big war caused a assembly of effects that sacrificed Britain to its colonies.
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