'Freedom Writers': Surroundings Changed The Students?

Surroundings Changed the Students? In the movie “Freedom Writers”, there are negative students and their teachers. It shows several problems between people. The students changed in many side like thinking style and behavior. What changed the students? There are always a lot surrounding factors to consider. Whereas individual attitudes decide what kind of person they will be in the future, surroundings changed students because patient teaching in school affects students and family members affect children.

Patient teaching in school affects students a lot. The first day Mrs. Gruwell came to school, she got no respect from the students. Even every teacher there told Mrs. Gruwell try not to improve students’ score, she did not give up. She tried her best to walk into her students’ hearts,
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The students in the movie are not stupid or incorrigible; their scores were low was due to themselves. After they changed their attitudes and try their best to pursue goals, everything seemed to be colorful and significant. Nick Vujicic, a famous disabled speaker who was born without the four limbs. His parents even could not accept this striking reality and his mother did not dare to hold him until he was six months old. No one hope he could live like a normal person except his family but he tries and tries; finally he did, and achieved goals which most normal people could not. What supports him to keep his resolve is the straightforward and positive attitude. In short, individual attitudes also affect students.

It is easy to change a person. Such as Nick Vujicic, he can easily become a depressed disabled person if he missed those encourages and endeavors. Surroundings include patient teaching and family members affect student inconceivably even individual attitudes can change a person to some extent. No one is born to successful or hopeless, there are amount of factors to
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