Freedom Rides

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The Freedom Rides of 1965 made one of the most significant contributions to creating equal rights for the aboriginal people because, it allowed aboriginals to be a part of Australian society and give them the chance to live their lives. The freedom rides came from the idea of some civil rights activists in the United States that used the same tactic to fight for equal rights of the people that were judged because of their race or skin colour. Inspired by the civil rights activists of 1961 a group of Sydney university students created a group called the Student Action for Aboriginals, this group was led by Charles Perkins and the aim of the group was to fight for equal rights for the indigenous community. In this essay I will be telling you how the freedom rides lead to the referendum of 1967, other events that also contributed to the referendum of 1967 and the success of the referendum because of the events that pushed for equal rights for aboriginals.

The freedom rides of 1965 were a group of Students from Sydney that were willing to fight for the rights of indigenous people, this plan was set into motion by the person who led them Charles Perkins. He started the movement with the plan to copy what some “Freedom Riders” did in America were they piled themselves into interstate buses to fight for racial equality. Charles first headed for the country towns of New South Whales were he encountered many discrepancies such as “Aboriginal people being routinely barred from clubs, swimming pools and cafes. They were frequently refused service in shops and refused drinks in hotel” (The National Museum of Australia). They fought against these racial views by protesting to raise the issue of equal rights for the indigenous people. The fre...

... middle of paper ... activist groups and the aboriginal people. The freedom rides, wave hill walk off and day of mourning petition definitely sent a message to the government of Australia that not only do the aboriginal people want equal rights but many white Australians wanted this for them as well.

In conclusion the freedom rides were most definitely one of the main reasons why the aboriginal people today are not secluded from normal society and singled out because of their skin colour. Now the aboriginal people have equal rights as any everyday Australian and have the right to elect the leader of their choosing and not having to go along with everything the white men say. The other events such as the wave hill walk off were also had a great result to help push the equal rights of the aboriginal and indigenous community so that they are now on equal footholds as any normal person.
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