Freedom Riders Essay

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The patriotic Freedom Riders risked their lives to change the law of segregation by driving for equality and changing America forever. The Kennedy Administration supported segregation within bus terminals. This was the cause for a nationwide journey through several states to express disagreement to this law. On this journey they experienced troubles of many kinds. However, these troubles did not stop the determination of the riders, which inspired others (Montagane).
In 1961, a brave group called the Freedom Riders traveled through the states of Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama to reach the destination of New Orleans, Louisiana (“The Freedom Rides”). The reason this group was sent out on this task was to prove to the Kennedy Administration that separating black and whites within bus terminals was unlawful (“The Freedom Rides”). The Jim Crow Laws were the laws that challenged them the most (“2011 Pietricola Websites’”). These laws set rules where the African Americans could sit while traveling on buses, in movie theatres, restaurants, hotels, and public schools (“2011 Pietricola Websites’”). The Freedom Riders were made up of seven African American individuals and six white individuals (Hynson 18,19). This was to have people notice that both black and white people disagree with the laws of segregation in the South (“2011 Pietricola Websites’”). Seventy five percent were between the ages 18 and 30 years old (Holmes). The majority of the group was college students (Holmes). Volunteers from 40 states got training in non-violence tactics (Holmes). Those who couldn’t handle the pushing, spitting, and hitting were rejected from the rides (Holmes). Congress of Racial Equality, also known as C.O.R.E., was the org...

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.... The Interstate Commerce Commission decided to set rules for the integration of the interstate bus terminals (“The Freedom Rides”). White and colored signs were taken down immediately (Holmes). Their hard work and dedication finally paid off. Now, they have a memorial for the group in the middle of University of Mary Washington’s Fredericksberg, Virginia campus (Montagane). They will always be remembered.
The Freedom Riders put their heart and soul to integrate bus terminals in America and that shows they are true patriots. The individuals amazed me because they put themselves in harm’s way to change the injustices of segregation. They were bombed, beaten, arrested, and just brutalized! They would have to have a lot of faith and courage to be in the rides. Riding on that bus and knowing something bad might happen to you is scary. I don’t know how they did it.
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