Freedom Riders

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“The Freedom Ride left Washington DC on May 4, 1961. It was scheduled to arrive in New Orleans on May 17, the seventh anniversary of the Brown decision.” The Freedom Ride was a stand against segregation on passenger bus seats. It was a non-violent protest. The Freedom Riders were separated into two groups. The first group had 13 Freedom Riders. They had 7 black people and 6 white people. The second group had 17 Freedom Riders, they had 16 black people and 3 whites. Freedom Riders weren’t supported much by police or had any protection. “...the Kennedy administration extracts a reluctant promise from Alabama Governor Paterson to protect the Freedom Riders from Birmingham to Montgomery.” Kennedy was promising to protect the Freedom Riders but yet never helped. “But when the bus reaches the Montgomery city limits the Highway Patrol suddenly disappears.” “...all the cops who had been guarding the Greyhound terminal also disappear.” The police never showed up to help the Freedom Riders and they also always disappeared. By police not showing up to protect the Greyhound the first Freedom ...

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