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By definition, censorship is the suppression of words, images, or ideas that are “offensive,” it happens whenever some people succeed in imposing their personal, political, or moral values on others. Internet censorship is a controversial issue that requires careful thought in order to have a well-formed opinion. It has become a hot topic in the Media and countries that are currently seeking this type of censorship.
Many believe censoring the Internet is a violation of our rights. Perhaps, by sharing my thoughts and ideas I can shed some light on this subject. Internet censorship and the censorship tool known as labeling is unrealistic and unnecessary because it is a parent’s responsibility to know what their children are accessing and how to explain any difficult situations that may arise because of their children’s Internet use.
Labeling is a type of rating system that informs the viewer what type on contact lies ahead and is certainly not effective in screening people who are accessing a page. Many censorship classifications systems like labeling are now in use. In many countries the use of these systems is currently under scrutiny to see if they are necessary or even effective. This type of censorship is presumably intended to keep questionable material out of the reach of children. The way labeling works is on the first page of a domain; it informs the user of the type of material that is about to be accessed. To continue, one must agree to view the page by clicking the enter button. If the editor of each web page were forced to rate their sites, what or where would the criteria come from? Furthermore, if it was decided an outside source should rate each new page, how could they possibly sort through the thousands of new sites per week, or even the billions of WebPages that already exist. Internet Access Controls Without Censorship, also known as PICS, was developed for the purpose of blocking access to websites containing potentially harmful material on the Internet within government, schools, libraries, and workplaces. Their main objective is to develop a censorship system that can filter out material that is specified by the user. The purpose of a system like this is primarily to protect children. The problem with this type of censorship is this: where there’s a will there is a way, and I believe this holds true in the case.
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