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1) Free will and Determinism being true.
Philosophers have pondered over the subject of free will for decades and there still hasn’t been a definite answer to the question of free will. What does free will truly mean? Is it just a figure of our imagination? Or is it something that has been around since the creation of men? These are only a small fraction of questions the topic of free will arises. Free will can be broken down into smaller and fewer overcomplicated categories. A normal person like you has free will if our universe revolves around the fact of determinism, if you believe this theory, then you’d be considered a compatibilist. Compatibilism allows us to hold people responsible for their actions. You believe that the reason why
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On July 5, 1978, Robert Harris took the life of two innocent teenage boys that were just trying to enjoy their burgers in a car. Robert, 25 premeditated the ending to these innocent teens by stealing and then driving the car into a canyon where he repeated shot the boys as they tried to escape from this monster. On top of everything that Robert did to these boys, the most sickening part is when he took their burgers and laughed about the murder well eating it. Robert Harris was sentenced to death row for the murder of John Mayeski and Michael…show more content…
Although, there are people such a classical compatibilist that could argue that if Robert wanted to do otherwise then he would be able to, but if he was not able to then he was not able not to not want to commit this act. This can also be considered as the conditional analysis. Let’s take it one step at a time; If Robert wanted to not kill the innocent boys then he would not kill them, although the fact that he did kill them meant he was not able to do otherwise which brings us to believe that he did not have free will. A classical compatibilist would argue that Robert should not be blamed for his actions because he was not acting on free will and that he did not have free will coming up to the murder of the innocent

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