Free Tuition Is Not The Answer

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Furthermore, with an expectant amount of students that would attend the “free” college tuition institutions there would be an insufficient amount of resources to provide and institutions would have a difficult time managing the surplus of students. Many of the proposals made by politicians and consoles are ignoring the fact that with the taxpayers paying majority they are denying funds from the states for public institutions. Government money helps supply more college programs, and gives grants and scholarship money to students who need financial aid. If the revenue is not replaced, their would be more than enough students in the classroom but not many educational resources. Catherine Hill article “Free Tuition is Not the Answer”, she argues free education does not give students the primary resources to learn, Hill states that " free tuition means fewer resources for students", and concludes that stronger need-based aid needs to be improved on and a well constructed borrowing strategy of loans is a better strategy than free tuition. Her evidence shows that providing free tuition has the unintended consequence of giving students fewer resources to learn, and that it has shifted state support which increase tuition and debt if the proposals do not work. Similarly, with a large amounts of students there are no requirements needed for the free educational proposals, most allow students to attend these free college courses without a background of students’ educational history. In "Higher Ed and Presidential Campaigns: Incompatible Bedfellows (Part 2)” the author, Donald J. Farish, focuses on the argument that tuition free universities would not receive prepared students and are an inefficient way to increase the university 's ' att... ... middle of paper ... ...on to be free, but under certain circumstances and requirements. Either provide online college courses that are cheap, and effective that do not judge people on class, race, or religion, or give students the option to take two years of schooling in community colleges which requires them to take a set amount of community service hours, and a background of grades and educational performances. This gives a chance for students to see what the college experience is all about, and gives them choice to further their education if they desire to. “Free” college education does not have the ability to improve the American education system, but it can lead to ideas in which students will not have to worry about money, and pursue the education they desire. “Free college education” is an appealing slogan but does not imply solutions to the problems for students’ college careers.

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