Free Trade The ILO And The Economic Bloc

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Free Trade, the ILO and the Economic Bloc
International Labour Organization (ILO) is a UN agency established in 1919. The ILO is internationally recognized for its promoting of human labour rights and social justice. The ILO has survived the true test of time, stemming back to the Treaty of Versailles which is the only action of the treaty to survive today. The ILO has over 200 economic integration agreements active in the world today and most of them relatively new which involve almost every nation in one to many trade agreements. Members in favor of free trade in the ILO insist that “free trade is good for the nations (ILO, 2014).”

The basis of ILO members support is that free trade is good for all nations. There is a difference in opinions as to the effectiveness of labour provisions in the trade agreements. Labour provisions can be found in trade agreements. Labour provisions are what effect the terms and conditions of labor law itself. Labour previsions in free trade agreements can be different adding to the complexity. Trade agreements by the United States and Canada is contributing to a movement for labour standards. Free trade is good for the nations, through trade agreements it brings growth to the economy and labour provisions to protect the nation’s workers and working to a standardization of labour laws (ILO IIFLS, 2014).

The specific benefits sought by joining an economic bloc are reduced tariffs and limited tariffs. It also removes the investment and trade barriers within the bloc. The members of the bloc are represented now as a group. The members have a say in the world’s economic and political stages. As a trade bloc it also widens the range of goods and services that are available. Money and goods now mov...

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...o members in the bloc but has numerous key Free Trade Agreements from around the world. The ASEAN Economic Community is posed and well positioned for solid economic growth through the free markets. This is supported by the amount of money flowing into the region from the United States. Europe and elsewhere. The free trade market place is looking and routing for ASEAN Economic Community’s success. It is seen as the catalyst that will energize the free trade market and will be good for the United States, Europe, and beyond. There has been many studies done supporting this theory and many countries are convinced as seen by them supporting this by their investments in ASEAN Economic Community. Free Trade has been good for all nations and opens the doors to the world’s economy, promotes social, political and labor improvements making the world as a whole a better place.
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