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The commercial activity has been, over the centuries, linked to human activity, due to the need to obtain satisfactory. The evolution of trade throughout history presents issues of immense importance to understand the current configuration of trade, However, for the purposes of this research we will be observing what is trade' class='brand-secondary'>free trade so we can understand and interpret every point that we will be talking about in this investigation. Free Trade is an economic concept, referring to the sale of products between countries, duty-free and any form of trade barriers. Free trade involves the elimination of artificial barriers (government regulations) to trade between individuals and companies from different countries.
Free trade was a political doctrine that emerged in the eighteenth century as opposed to then reigning mercantilism. Its basic premise is that the restrictions imposed by governments on the voluntary exchange of goods and services harm the economy
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These types of treaties seek not only to promote growth in the economy between countries, there are different levels of integration although stimulate trade is the main, it is also important to make an exchange in factors of production, seeks to take advantage of what is known As comparative advantages between each participating region or country which would result in a more efficient development in its different markets and an improvement in the economic

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