Free Speech: An Essay On Freedom Of Speech

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Freedom of speech and expression is a fundamental right guaranteed by Indian Constitution to all of its citizens. “Right to freedom of speech and expression” is not an absolute right. It is subject to imposition of reasonable restriction as there is a correlative duty not to interfere with the liberty of other citizens. Indian Constitution is the ultimate source of law and from it all the rights emanate. Its place is higher than legislation because the validity of the latter is determined with reference to the former. Constitution is the product of national consensus and it is the fundamental law of the country. Each is entitled to dignity of person and of reputation. Nobody has a right to disintegrate others right to person or reputation. The legislature in its wisdom has not thought it appropriate to abolish criminality of defamation in…show more content…
The security of state means legislature can enact laws which would impose restrictions on expressions which endanger the security of the State and is intended to overthrow the government or wagering a war against the government. Public order means public peace, safety and tranquility of the people at large. The absence of public order is an aggravated form of disturbance of public peace, which affects the general life of the public. Any speech which intends to disturb public order can be restricted by enacting laws. The decency and morality includes the state can put
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