Free Health Care Clinics are Effective for The Uninsured

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Health has become an expensive affair to most people especially those that suffer from long term diseases such as diabetes. Most of the uninsured people in the neighborhood do not get the relevant healthcare service and hence they need a source of better services such as free clinics that can deal with the major issues affecting health (Huntington, 2012). The mobilization of these free clinics comes with a price as they affect the community both positively and negatively. Free clinics can either be temporary or permanent and this incurs different expenses depending on the type of structure chosen. Free clinics are effective for those people without insurance as they tend to get treatment for different diseases and this improves the lives of they serve and especially the uninsured. The increase in the number of unemployed due to economic crises continue to increase the number of uninsured and reduce people’s ability to access the healthcare insurance and services. Many are unable to cater for their health needs and thus may die immaturely due to the effect of severe illnesses. Low income earners, in the neighborhood, continuously face dwindling health care resources. This is a great concern that has to be addressed and mitigated, failure to which they will continue to get poor quality health care and will also be reluctant to seek health care services over and over again. The poor and the disable within the community are economically unstable which makes them unable to access the existing insurance plan. It is of importance to note that they are the most vulnerable and the marginalized groups of people in the society. They lack economic capacity to access the existing plan making them lack better care as they require (Huntingto... ... middle of paper ... ...ospitals. It is simple to setup such clinic and the community can join hands to ensure that there are no major challenges in accessing especially the basic health services by establish such clinic. Works Cited Fertig, A. R., Corso, P. S., & Balasubramaniam, D. (2012). Benefits And Costs Of A Free Community-Based Primary Care Clinic. Journal Of Health & Human Services Administration, 34(4), 456-470 Robert J., S., Bonnie, G., Sue, F., Douglas, R., Steven A., S., Todd, H., & ... Thomas E., K. (2013). Chapter 15. Adapting the Chronic Care Model to Treat Chronic Illness at a Free Medical Clinic. In , Free Clinics : Local Responses to Health Care Needs (p. 162). Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press Huntington, S. J. (2012, January 1). "Roadblocks, Stop Signs": Health Literacy, Education and Communication at a Free Medical Clinic. ProQuest LLC.

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