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The Prologues of Oedipus Rex and Everyman Two Works Cited A prologue is a miniature version of the actual text. It answers the elements of literature in a work, and exposes the reader to essential facts, as well as foreshadows the outcome of the work. The prologue also introduces themes, characters, and literary devices to complement the work. Thus, through the study of the prologues of Oedipus Rex and Everyman, one may learn much about the nature of both plays. In the prologue of Oedipus, the 'bear' pun is used. The 'bear' pun is a popular literary device used in many plays. To bear means to carry a babe; To bear can also mean to carry something heavy. The pun indicates that if one cannot bear the truth (which is a very heavy object placed on the heart) than one cannot bear new life. In order to be reborn one must suffer the bearing of truth. When Oedipus says, "I, Oedipus, who bear the famous name." (Sophocles, 715), he indicates that he is bearing the name and therefore must bear the fate that is set for him in order to conceive new life. In order for Oedipus to fully bear his name he must accept the responsibilities that follow; He must escape from the ways of the flesh. Until this time comes, the Gods must bear Oedipus's pain until he is ready to accept it. Likewise, Everyman cannot reach enlightenment (to be free of guilt) because he cannot bear the truth. God explains why Everyman cannot be enlightened as he says, "They use the seven deadly sins damnable, / As pride, covetise, wrath, and lechery . . ." (Everyman, 761). This proves that Everyman is too much of the flesh, and he uses the ways of the flesh to keep him bound to the earth. Thus, when God says, "I see the more that I them forbear" (Everyman, 761), God is bearing Everyman's truth until he is ready, when Everyman is no longer of the flesh. A major theme consistent in both works is that of suffering. In Oedipus Rex, the kingdom of Thebes is suffering because of Oedipus's sin. The suffering of Thebes is illustrated when the Priest said: The herds are sick; children die unborn, And labour is vain. The god of plague and pyre Raids like detestable lightning through the city, And all the house of Kadmos is laid waste,

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