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The Character of Pearl in The Scarlet Letter

Pearl was known as the devils child when she was young. She would have temper tantrums and do things her mother did not like. Pearl didn't know the true meaning of he letter on her mother's bosom. When the book ended, it did not say what happened to Pearl and how she lived her life from there. I believe that after Dimmesdale died and as Pearl got older, Hester told her what the true meaning of the scarlet letter was. I think Pearl always remembered that she was the result of that letter on her mother's bosom. To that, she would live her life truly and honestly.

I assume that Pearl grew up to be a beautiful woman. I believe she married a wonderful husband, was rue to him, and both made a good living. I think they lived in a nice home and were known by many other people. They both loved their life and lived it the best they could.

Pearl and her husband eventually had children. She would have taught them to do what is right and many other good things. She would have told her children about the scarlet letter that her mother once had to wear. How she wore it because of what she did wrong, and how she lived her own life because of it. Pearl would have brought her children up the right way and how she thought was good.

They would have lived a good lifestyle and done many things together as a family. Pearl and her husband stuck together and were truthful to each other. I think Pearl lived up to her ability and was a hard worker. She lived by God's rules and did what was right. Because of knowing what her mother did, I believe that she lived an honest life. She told the truth and was true to herself and others around her. She knew right from wrong. I can see that Pearl would have helped people out and would have done many good and godly things for others.

In conclusion, I think all the doings and actions of Pearl were honest and true because of how her own mother brought her up and how her mother lived her own life.
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