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Death of a Salesman: After the Funeral

They all return to the house. The fully paid for house. The sight of it brings back a slight sob to Linda's throat, when she reaches the cement stoop her sobbing once again becomes full. Charley looks to her but is at a loss for words. Happy puts his arms around his mother and holds her. Biff only looks on at it all.

For a brief second he sees the Willy's fate in Happy's eyes as he holds Linda. Willy's death has brought Biff to know what he is more than ever. He's not a salesman and neither is Happy but Happy is just like is father and Biff fears nothing can be done to change the course of life Happy has chosen upon Willy's death.

The small grieving party enters the house and each takes a seat in the living room. Linda has gained control over herself again.

No one dares to say a word they each sit by themselves accompanied by their own thoughts.

Biff's mind is racing now. Thoughts of how his life will not end like Willy's. Biff has no master plan for his life he just wishes to begin his life. His real life. "Construction" Biff accidentally says allowed.

Everyone looks at him. What about construction. Happy says to Biff.

Tomorrow I'll look for a job in construction is Biff's reply. I'll start at the bottom and I'll gradually raise my position. Someday maybe architecture or engineering. By god I'm gonna do something with my life weather it's to my families approval or not.

Charley looks at Biff and says. Biff I don't know if this is the right time for this. It's sounds like a good idea to me but I honestly don't think this is the time to talk about it.

I'm sorry Charley you're right I'm going to bed now I'll see you all tomorrow. Biff stands up stretches his arms and back and goes off to bed.

Biff wakes up early the next morning. No one else has woken yet and Charley had gone home the night before. Despite the death of his father hanging over him like a dark, dreary cloud Biff is in an unexplainably great mood. He felt as if his life was just beginning on this day.
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