Free College Tuition Is The Most Exciting Proposal From President Barracks Obama States Of The Union Address

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Six Years of Free Education Free college tuition is the most exciting proposal from president Barracks Obama States of the Union Address. This proposal is intended to make two years of community college free for responsible students, allowing students to propel the first half of their bachelor’s degree at no cost. The bill requires everybody to do their part: community colleges must strength their program to increase graduation rates and students must stay on track by keeping a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Also, community colleges will have to offer programs that either allow students to pursue their education into a four year institution or prepare the students for the workforce. Furthermore, this proposal can be the solution to reduce the number of student who finish high school and cannot afford going to college. Community colleges are the first steps to boost an individual education. Through the first two decades of the 20th century, wave after wave of new immigrants, several of them poor and with little formal education, arrived in the United States and in its growing high schools. Also, according to the Immigrant Policy Center, each year approximately 65,000 students graduate from high schools, and many of them do not attain to enroll in college because it is not affordable for their pockets (Gonzales). As a result, in 2001 the DREAM Act proposal occurred, which was a legislation drafted by both Republicans and Democrats that would provide students in the United States a chance to pursue a higher education. However, today a humongous portion of students still are not able to enroll in college due to their low income. For this purpose, President Obama proceeded to announce his proposal as the decline in state funding for higher ed... ... middle of paper ... ... will echo a big picture in terms of success. The proposal will increase the number of college graduate in America and eventually propel the country’s economy to a more competitive level. As well as making education affordable, the bill will award “A” class students with a chance to overcome the financial barrier of going to college. Although the proposal is in stage of revision, a large number of students are expecting its approval. So far the idea of free community colleges is seen as a scapegoat for the reduction of unemployment, equal educational opportunities, and the common American Dream. Finally, Obama’s promise proposal, in terms of making two years college as free as high school, deserves the support from every individual who wish to avoid student loans and especially those who are at the top of their classes, but they cannot afford going to college.

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