Frederick Spooner's Victory In The Civil War

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The civil war brought upon an enormous amount of excitement in the Northern states. Many believed that the war would be a quick and easy victory over the weaker Southern states. Frederick Spooner wrote to his brother saying that because of slavery the South had become weakened and that he had no doubt in his mind that the North would have a swift win in this war. Spooner made his stance on slavery quite clear. He was completely against everything about it. Frederick Douglass was a former slave and prominent figure in the black community for his stance against all practices of slavery. Both men were clear that they were disgusted by slavery in America. Spooner thought the war was being waged solely for the purpose of abolishing slavery. Douglass would agree, but he also saw this as a chance for black men to fight in this war and gain respect from…show more content…
This connects with the idea that slavery is wrong at the core. He is relating the negative connotations to how he believes we should act as a people. Spooner calls the Southern slave owners traitors for their actions and says this about them, “Traitors have begun the conflict, let us continue and end it. Let us settle it now, once and for all” (Spooner, 442). Spooner sees the South as traitors for allowing slavery to consume them and how much they depend on them to do their work for them. Spooner wants nothing more than to see slavery come to a complete and final stop and he is willing to do anything to insure that it happens. Spooner states, “They must be put down, conquered, and thoroughly subdued if need be” (Spooner, 443). Frederick Spooner was willing to risk his life in order to see slavery stop. Most of the North felt the same way. Spooner was confident that the war would not last for long because the North had more men and more money. Unfortunately for him, the South was willing to fight long and hard for what they believed was part of their way of life and their God-given
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