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Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass was born into slavery in 1818. His time in captivity molded him into one of the most influential people during the nineteenth century. This paper will discuss his life and experiences as a slave and how they compare to other slaves. Douglass’s traveling and education are what makes him very similar, but also very different from most slaves.
Frederick Douglass spent his first 7 years of life on Captain Anthony’s farm, working in the house. Here, he had a much easier time than those who worked in the fields. Those who worked in the field were treated poorly like most southern slaves. Slaves received little to no food, few clothes, and often slept on the ground with no bed. Frederick spent his time working in the house, until he was given to Captain Anthony’s son in law’s brother, Hugh Auld. Douglass moved to Baltimore and lived a much freer life in the city. In Baltimore, he received some education from Sophia, Hugh’s wife, and received much better treatment than slaves in the south. This was because most slave owners did not want their peers to see them as vicious and cruel. Also, the north had a much different economy than the south. Slaves worked in factories or shops and could take on work outside of their holder’s trade. This made the north a much different place than the south with views on what freed or enslaved blacks could do.
Frederick was moved around frequently transferring from master to master. Like many slaves, it was not uncommon for a slave to be moved around multiple times and have different masters. After Douglass’s stay in Baltimore, he returned to Thomas Auld. However, Thomas loaned Frederick to a man named Edward Covey due to unmanageable behavior. Covey was well-known fo...

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...nineteenth century. Douglass was given some education and worked on it by himself after lessons ceased. Slaves who had any education were a rarity in the south. By taking away any opportunity for a better life, slave holders controlled every aspect of a slave’s life. However, after some education, Frederick longed for a life out of slavery. He realized he not only had to have a sound mind, but also a sound body and soul. The will to leave his old life behind was as important to education in obtaining his freedom. Frederick had many experiences that coincided with the average life of a southern slave during his time in captivity. However, after his escape, his life was very different from slaves who had obtained freedom by some means. Frederick Douglass became one the most prominent men in his time due to his hard work and determination he gained from being a slave.
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