Frederick Douglass Declaration Of Independence Speech Rhetorical Analysis

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So, who do you think made the biggest impact in American history, speech wise, as we talk about Independence Day known as the Fourth of July? Some may say that “The Declaration of Independence” by Thomas Jefferson was a very important and effective speech, which it was, but I personally believe that “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro” by Frederick Douglass were more effectual. My reasons for stating this is because for one, Douglass had a stronger argument, he not only talked about slavery from experience because he was a former slave but he also praised the founding fathers with no doubt. Mr. Douglass looked at both sides. The audience payed a lot of attention to him due to diction as the main rhetorical device used in his speech. Douglass very strong vocabulary and him fighting for what he wanted lead to a huge impact and a great outcome in American history. Mr. Douglass being a former slave, with barely any privileges granted to him, didn’t really get to have the opportunity…show more content…
Douglass was speaking from experience and what he knew and been through so this is also what might have made the argument even stronger and everything he said more important. You wouldn’t know what’s going on unless you been through it and that’s a fact. The main argument in his speech is “To the American slave, the 4th of July is a cruel sham”, to make that argument stronger he stated that “The manhood of the slave is conceded. It is admitted” and this here shows that laws support his argument that they are all humans and deserve to live as humans. He does not share in America’s blessing and he stated that by basically saying that the rich inheritance of justice and liberty is shared by everyone else except for him and his
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