Frederick Douglass

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Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was a man who was active until the day he died. Frederick Attended Anti-Slavery meetings and also attended meetings for Women?s rights. He believed everyone was equal it didn't matter if one was white, black, or green it also didn't matter what sex you were he believed everybody was equal. He achieved many things during his hard but great life.
Born on a plantation in Tuckahoe, near Easton, in Talbot County, Maryland. Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey was the son of a unidentified white father. His mother was African, and part Native American. Young Frederick was born a slave on the Lloyd?s family plantation. The Lloyd?s family referred to him as Frederick Lloyd. He was separated from his mother at eight years old and he never saw her again. He worked really hard and received extremely cruel treatment. To keep from starving Frederick often competed with his masters dogs for leftovers and table scraps. Usually slave resistance led to masters beating their slaves. Frederick fought back when his master was beating him. Frederick's Master Colonel Lloyd decided not to beat him longer but instead to get rid of him by sending him to Baltimore. In Baltimore Mrs. Sophia Auld taught Frederick to read and write but her husband put an end to it when he found out, Luckily Frederick knew enough to continue educating himself. When his master died he was force...
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