Frederick Douglas And David Walker 's Against Slavery

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Both Frederick Douglas and David Walker wrote against slavery. Frederick Douglas used his personal account as an enslaved man to share the evils of slavery and get his voice heard. His work is written like a novel with his commentary on the situations and his beliefs as the story continues. While the slave narrative was a large piece in the abolitionist movement, David Walker chooses a different approach than others. He wrote an Appeal, much like a legal document in which he argued his personal viewpoints against the institution of slavery but with a great deal of imagery. Although both works are abolitionist literature, the content and type of work are different from one another. The works have similarities and differences and also serve to provoke similar and different reactions. Both want to convey the understanding of the evils of slavery. However, while Douglas seems to be more appealing to draw sympathy and admiration for his journey, Walker’s intent is to invoke a feeling of outrage and disgust toward the institution of slavery. It is important to understand that Frederick Douglas was a “critic of the use of race to deprive laborers of their self ownership, self management, full benefit of wages, and opportunity to better themselves” (Lockard). His writing focused on what race deprived many people from obtaining despite being in the land of the free through his personal experiences. The institution of slavery was particularly cruel to Douglas. He was born to a slave mother and his father was thought to be a master. In his writings, he seems to resent his status in life as an owned piece of property, much like a farm animal. His tone is frustrated due to the injustice of his situation. The severe level of ignorance that is... ... middle of paper ... ...thren asking how their circumstances could be any worse and what justification is there to condemn them as slaves. His words to his own people are often blunt and harsh but provoking. He seems to be trying to light a fire and inspire others. The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave by Frederick Douglas and Appeal: In Four Articles by David Walker are both works by individuals whom society tried to hold back due to the color of their skin. Despite each individual having different circumstances in which they experienced regarding the institution of slavery, both were inspired to take part in the abolitionist movement due to the injustices they witnessed. The result is two very compelling and diverse works that attack the institution of slavery and argue against the reasons the pro-slavery individuals use to justify the slavery institution.

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