Freddy Adu the Youngest Professional Soccer Player

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Who is the youngest athlete in professional soccer? Mr. Freddy Adu. At the age of fourteen, he is the youngest player to play in a professional soccer league. There are a number of benefits by being the youngest player to play professional soccer: a contract with Nike, playing for the DC United team and receiving much media exposure. Many people disagree with his decision and say that he is too young to play professional soccer and should finish his high school education and wait until his body and mind has physically and emotionally matured.

Think about being able to make one million dollars at the age of fourteen. Freddy Adu has already achieved that. Freddy signed to do a one million dollar endorsement deal with Nike. In the article I read, Freddy compares himself to another young rookie, Lebron James. “We are in the same situation except I am not making ninety million dollars” said Freddy (60 minutes). Also, during the same interview, he said, “to keep his contract and reviews up he will need to play with intensity to help his team win, and make himself a better player.”

Freddy was offered the opportunity to play professional soccer and play for the United State’s U-20 men’s National team. Freddy signed with DC United to take the place of an injured player. In addition to that contract, on November 19,2003 he was named to the United States National team. His two goals while he plays for the national team are: to finish high school in the spring and get the opportunity to play in the FIFA World Cup in 2006. Freddy is planning on graduating in early May (2006) which will allow him to play in the ’06 World Cup competition.

Weighing, one hundred and forty pounds, standing, five feet, eight inches tall, is the physical appearance of Freddy Adu. Do people believe this is what the makeup of a professional soccer player should look like? The vote at this time stands divided. Right now it is good enough for Freddy Adu to play for the USA National team and DC United.

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