Franz von Papen

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Franz von Papen was born on October 29, 1879 in Werl, Germany. He came from a wealthy catholic family and began his career as a professional soldier serving in World War 1. Later in his life Papen went into politics as a monarchist gaining his political power through his friendship with Hindenburg. As a politician, he was appointed chancellor of Germany for a short period of time. After resigning as chancellor, he then put his political standing and efforts into helping Hitler gain power. Hitler soon became chancellor as well, and assigned Papen as his vice chancellor in his cabinet. Franz von Papen was the main influence to Hitler’s uprising. His involvement with Hitler and in the Nazi government only costed him eight years of his life in a German prison camp for denazification because he was found as a major Nazi.
According to Britannica Biographies, Franz von Papen worked in favor of the Nazi party even while he served as chancellor, “ In effort to appease the Nazis, who formed the second largest party in Parliament he lifted the ban on the Nazis’ paramilitary Sturmabteilung (SA) on June 15 and deposed the Social Democratic government of Prussia on July 20.” In this act he was strengthening the Nazi party and setting up Germany to be capable of being ruled by a Nazi government. Papen was involved with Hitler form 1932-1933, during this time, he worked in Hitler's cabinet as vice chancellor and strived to strengthen the Nazi Party. He then continued to support the Nazi party even after he resigned as vice chancellor and became ambassador to Austria. After becoming ambassador to Austria he helped organize the plan for its takeover. Even after learning of political killings of his close associates and other crimes committed by...

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...Being found innocent of all war crimes Papen still served out a fraction of his years in prison because of his involvement with Hitler and his long support and service to the Nazi Government. Later Papen went on to become ambassador to Turkey and finally returned to Germany in 1944. He later on died May 2, 1969 in Obersasback, West Germany at the age of 89.

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