Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Presidency

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was our nations thirty second president. Unlike all the other presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected for four consecutive terms. However he died in the first year of his fourth term. During his prolonged presidency Franklin Delano Roosevelt did many incredible things as our Nations leader. He pulled us out of the great depression, dealt with civil rights issues, created many reforms for our nation including the twenty-first amendment, handled the attack on Pearl Harbor, and handled World War Two efficiently.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born January 30, 1882 in Hyde Park, New York. He graduated from Harvard and went to Columbia Law School. Though he did not complete his law degree he did pass his bar exam. In 1905 at age 25 he married Ann Eleanor Roosevelt, his fifth cousin once removed. Together they had seven children. One child, Franklin Jr. died of infancy eight months after birth. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected New York State Senator from 1910 to 1912. He serves as assistant secretary to the navy under President Wilson in 1913. In 1920 he was nominated the vice president under James Cox, but is defeated in the election. The following year he is diagnosed with the disease polio. Franklin Delano Roosevelt served as Governor of New York from 1928 to 1932. In 1932 he accepts the democratic nomination for president of the United States. He is elected the thirty second president of the United States on November 8, 1932.

The Great Depression was a huge economic slump in the United States and other industrialized nations around the world. Even though the great depression had started back in 1929 when the stock market collapsed, it was its worst in the six months prior to Franklin Delano ...

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...ed with issues similar to those in Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency. Some people say President Obama is the Franklin Delano Roosevelt of our generation. But there will never be a president that will compare to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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