Franklin D. Roosevelt's Impact on the Great Depression

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Franklin D. Roosevelt was a man who besides his intelligence, charm and strong confidence, he was able to sustain the nation through the most overbearing crisis know as the Great Depression as well as World War II. While managing to stay optimistic, Franklin Roosevelt helped people regain faith in themselves. Despite all the chaos going on at the time, “he was met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory (pg. 90).” He was praised for pushing the government to help those who were underprivileged. This was a new beginning in time for Americans known as the New Deal. He told the country to live by; “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself (pg 90).” Franklin Roosevelt made a very important impact during these times and his laws that were passed applied great influence to use today and in the future.

In Franklin Roosevelt’s first hundred days in office, he pushed through many new programs to help restore the nation and did his best to end the depression. The depression was a traumatic effect on the world and affected many people. More then you could imagine, too many businesses closed leaving people jobless, with out houses, and killed farms. Those who were fortunate enough to still have a job, their wages fell dramatically. “Only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment (pg 90).” You can’t deny or brush off reality. You have to take it as it comes and hope for the best. Banks were closing down and people were losing their money due to the stock market which crashed. Those banks that were still opened, people were pulling their money out which was ultimately causing problems. “They concern, thank god, only material things. Values have shrunken to fantasti...

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... economy in many different ways. The general theme seems to be Relief, Recovery and Reform. Relief would be having a new president and hoping he is able to extinguish any problems that have become. Recovery is putting a stop to any more crises from taking place and reform would be restoring or building the country back up and not necessarily putting it back to the way it was but making it a new start and leaving it so this tragedy won’t occur again. In many ways today, Obama is doing some of the things that Franklin Roosevelt had to do to keep the world out of another depression. Today, the economy is on a downfall. The rate of people without jobs is very high and with not having jobs, the economy doesn’t have money to pay for the necessities in life. Obama is using many programs that Roosevelt created and hopefully the economy will soon get better instead of worse.

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