Franklin D Roosevelt's Accomplishments

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New York on January 30, 1882. He did not have any brothers or sisters. His parents decided to privately tutor him growing up. When he got older he attended Harvard, then later on Columbia University. Growing up, he admired his cousin Theodore Roosevelt, so it was no surprise that he also went into politics. He became a democratic senator in 1910. In the year 1913 he was given the job of assistant secretary of the Navy. He did this job for the next seven years of his life.
Franklin Roosevelt married his distant cousin Eleanor Roosevelt. They got married on Saint Patrick’s Day in 1902. Eleanor was the niece of Theodore Roosevelt, and he was the one who gave her away at the wedding. They had five children together, however, one was stillborn.
Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President in 1933. After the win in 1933, he won the next three elections. Franklin Roosevelt was the only person in history to serve four terms as president. In 1933, he beat the incumbent by a very large margin; and the next three elections he had kept a rather large lead against his opponent. The same year that he won the presidency, the house of representative and the senate both had many democrats win their elections …show more content…

He had several issues that he was going to face and deal with. During his presidency, Roosevelt made numerous changes that would help the world. One of the first things he accomplished as president was “The New Deal”. This helps in many ways. It provides economic help for workers, creates jobs, and it also helped to protect people when they are depositing money into their bank accounts. He also created a “Second New Deal”. The second new deal put the Social Security Act into place. This helped the people in the country who were unemployed, had disabilities, and elders. During his time in office, he worked with Congress to raise taxes on corporations and wealthy

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  • Explains that franklin delano roosevelt was born in hyde park, new york on january 30, 1882. his parents decided to privately tutor him growing up.
  • Explains that franklin roosevelt married eleanor roosevelt on saint patrick’s day in 1902. they had five children together, but one was stillborn.
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