Franklin D. Roosevelt: The 32nd American President

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Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), the 32nd President of the United States, was America’s greatest leader during the 20th century. (Source) No other President was elected into such a state of crisis as FDR. He successfully used effective team building in the restructure of our nation as we climbed out of The Great Depression. Also, his idealized influence and inspirational motivation were key to pulling the nation together during the hurdles of World War II. First, I’ll discuss the background of this great leader and how this developed him into our countries greatest president.
Born January 30, 1882, into a wealthy home FDR was taught by premier educators from top universities such as Harvard. (Source) As a graduate of Columbia University he began his career practicing law before starting his political career as a New York state Senator. (Source) Then in 1913, President Woodrow Wilson named FDR the Assistance Secretary of the U.S. Navy. (Source) Even at this early point in his career his inspirational motivation talents were being used as the toured European Naval bases speaking to soldiers. This was one of his early examples of transformational leadership by motivating the troops, letting them know they have the nations support. In 1928 after a short period of time out of politics, FDR was elected Governor of New York and just 5 years later was elected President. (Source) This is when FDR’s leadership ability’s were put to the test as our nation was dealing with The Great Depression.
Early in his presidency we are able to see how he was able to rally the nation into understanding the future and how we needed change. First, it is apparent he was an innovator by using the radio to address the nation. (Source) At the ti...

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... Today, our country is reluctant to enter into any war or campaign without the assistance of our allies. President Roosevelt knew we needed to enter the war, however, was unable to bring the nation together in defending our European allies.
Franklin D. Roosevelt an effective leader. Even though he was unable to convince the nation of a need to enter the war in Europe he was able to rally our nation together during one of our toughest times. The Great Depression in my opinion had to put our nation at the lowest morale level we have ever seen. Even after being attacked in Pearl Harbor and more recently New York City, this didn’t bring us down morally, it brought us all together. FDR’s charisma, leadership qualities, and confidence aligned perfectly with who we needed as a President during our nation’s toughest part of the 20th century.
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