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Franklin D. Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882 in the Hudson Valley town of Hyde Park, New York. The parents of Franklin D. Roosevelt were James Roosevelt and Sara Delano Roosevelt. Both of his parents had a wealthy past. His parents shaped his personality and has a large part of making him who he is. Roosevelt had a much older stepbrother from James Roosevelt’s side of the family. Although he was not very close to his half-brother, he gained financial support from his stepbrother when he needed it. At a young age, Roosevelt was homeschooled by his parents and hired tutors to get the education he needed. Roosevelt later attended Columbia University, where he passed his bar examination and eventually obtained a prestigious occupation on Wall Street. In 1910, he decided to pursue his passion for politics as a democrat. FDR ran for the state senate seat in Dutchess County, an area with majority of republicans. His finances and enthusiasm helped his chances to win by allowing him to campaign almost endlessly. With almost a thousand more votes than his opponents, he dominated in the...

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