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Franklin D. Roosevelt was admired by many Americans; however, he was the first person to get four terms as presidency (1). Franklin D. Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882 in Hyde Park, New York. During his school years, he left school without a degree; however had entered in politics in 1910 (1). Then was elected as the New York senate (1). On 1905 he married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (1). During his years as senate, his presidency campaign has begun is presidency campaign (1). Franklin D. Roosevelt won the election in 1933 and became the 32nd president (1).
On January 1st, 1942 was a war against the allies and the axis (1). When the war was over, FDR created a “grand alliance” against the enemy through “The Declaration of the United Nations” (1). When FDR became president, there was no limit of being president; however in present day, congress released the 22nd amendment which is a amendment that in present day, presidents have a maximum limit up to 2 terms (2). Franklin D. Roosevelt had 4 terms because in that time, congress didn’t make that amendment yet (2).
Roosevelt spend his 2 terms as president to get the US out of great depression (2). The three months of FDR being president was a whirlwind activity (2). Which is known mostly as “the first hundred days” (2). The stress strain of the war mostly wore out FDR. By 1944, FDR had heart problems; however had to take medications (2). With all of the war and the politics pressured on FDR and gave out a lot of stress (1). He was on vacation at Warm Springs, Georgia, just sitting at his chair (1). His portrait was taken by Elizabeth Shoumatoff when suddenly called out, “I have a terrific headache” then had a stroke, trying to regain consciousness then died at 3:35pm on April 12, 1...

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...has rich-blood and oxygen and it clogs your arteries and could cause stroke or even death (3). FDR died by this cause on April 12, 1945 (3). Then buried at Hyde Park, New York (3).
Many Americans admired FDR as president (1). He was married to Anna E. Roosevelt, and was senate for many years (1). Many things happened in FDR’s life, and was admired (1). Then ended in April 12, 1945 (1). Also was the first American to get 4 terms (1).

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