Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Belongs To The Horror Genre

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Belongs To The Horror Genre

In 1816, Lord Byron wished that Mary Shelley, Mary Goodwin, Byron

himself, Claire Clairmont and a doctor named John Polimodi, all should

write a ghost story for enjoyment. This proposition was acceded to

"One stormy summer night on Lake Geneva". 'Frankenstein', one of the

works that had emerged from it, has become a part of our lives. It's a

myth that seems to become more and more powerful each generation. It's

truly a novel that has exceeded the text of the 'Horror Genre'. The

author of this novel was only eighteen years old when she wrote this

marvelous novel of horror and pure entertainment.

Mary Shelley feels that she was a monster and puts herself responsible

for her mother's death, Who died giving birth to her, Such tragedy

resulted in depressive vision.

The creation of 'Frankenstein' came to her from her visit to Geneva,

where she looked over the high mountains of the Alps as the lightning

was being reflected of the snow topped mountains. Her curiosity for

the power of electricity grew greater. So much so that she included

ideas linked to electricity and life in her novel.

At the time when 'Frankenstein' was written gothic novels were very

popular and so this novel was seen to be very popular.

In 1994 the myth, 'Frankenstein', was turned into a movie by Kenneth

Branagh, starring Kenneth Branagh himself as Victor Frankenstein. The

film used many techniques that make a film become part of the horror

genre. Such as, Music, language, weather, violence, Et cetera

These are the many techniques used to make horror film.

'Frankenstein' is one of the many novels,...

... middle of paper ...

...e thing he had put together. I saw the

hideous phontosin stretched out, and then, on the

working of some powerful engine show signs of

life, and stir with an uneasy half motion.'

You can see how Mary Shelley has used her imagination to come up with

this fantastic piece of work.

The movie created by Kenneth Branagh has become what it has because of

Mary Shelley's biography. Her imagination has truly brought up the

horror in the movie. The scenes we have studied show every little

detail needed to know about a horror film. The scenes create tension

and fear for its audience; Branagh has used many techniques to fully

express Mary Shelley's thoughts and imagination. The film

'Frankenstein' is truly a film belonging to the genre of horror. And

that is how we know that 'Frankenstein' belongs to the horror genre.
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